In this online program I’m putting all the lessons, shortcuts, and strategies I’ve learned and applied in the last 15 years of traveling the world as a yoga teacher and speaker delivering trainings, seminars, workshops and retreats, I take you step-by-step on what it really takes to thrive with you mission.

How to be sovereign as a yoga teacher or wellness practitioner? How to be as successful as you are impactful with your unique gifts while remaining heart-centered and authentic to your purpose and highest intension. How to deliver your passion in a financially rewarding way with ease and integrity, and without losing yourself in the process.

You'll learn how to create a distinctive offer that stands out in the market, and organically attracts high paying clients in a predictable way each month.

I tell the story of how I went from teaching locally to nationally and then internationally, creating joyful tribes of friends and students everywhere. Meeting and establishing deep meaningful and real connections with amazing people all around the world, where we all learn and grow from each other in a mutually nurturing and inspiring relationship. But most importantly, I share the obstacles, the challenges and fears I had to go through and the methods I used to successfully overcome it all.

This is by all means the most in-depth and comprehensive program for all of you who want to facilitate transformation and influence positive change in the world by doing what you love in a sustainable way.

It's a combination of an online step-by-step training through a personal portal divided in modules over 5 weeks with videos and worksheets. A private mastermind, collaborative social community of people just like you who are also enrolled in the program, where everybody holds space for each other while adding valuable feedback and emotional support through their unique set of skills and expertise. Lastly, it also includes a twelve-month weekly live Q&A coaching call with me to assist you in implementing each step along the way.

Quantum Leap Academy facilitates the expression of your soul's desire and the activation of your highest purpose. Welcome to our loving community, we are excited to have you!



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